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About Us


The Ceylon Campus started its journey in providing educational and training programs in the specified area of human skill development for college students and unemployment youth in North Western Province of this small island for a decade ago which named as Human Development Institution company in 2010.
The Human Development Institution (HDI) has been operating successfully with unparalleled reputation in quality human skills development programs, teacher training seminars and study classes for college students in both private and government sector and has received commendation from students, parents, and teachers.
In 2016, HDI expanded its educational services into a higher level with a wide scope of private higher education by the event of starting up the new Company by HDI management named as Ceylon Campus Kuliyapitiya (Pvt) Ltd.
To encourage lifelong learning and opportunities for college student and young learners, Ceylon Campus courses are available in part-time mode with flexible learning methods and offer professional qualifications and training courses for Skill & career development.
The joint efforts of the two leading educational and training institutions it has turned in to a new chapter in expanding opportunities for local college students, empowering them with right knowledge and required competencies to be a well professional, good team player at the domestic job market.

With my heartfelt gratitude I welcome you as you are interested in studying with Ceylon Campus, Sri Lanka. We are having years of experience in providing private sector education and training, we still provide excellent training while upholding our vision/ mission values & culture. Our team look forward to always welcome you at Ceylon Campus, where we know you will gain a good experience around well professional team & pleasant, enjoyable, challenging, and successful journey in your college life.

Ruwanthi Muthukuda- Managing Director of Ceylon Campus

It’s a great pleasure for me in welcoming you to the Ceylon Campus and I am delighted that you are having an intention to study with us. You also can choose our professional courses from any path as per your wish that leads you to have a well professional higher educational qualification. We mix traditional and modern academic learning methods with the real-world experience for you. Our courses combine theoretical studies with real world cases and best practices used within the business organization and the field of teaching and education. I always look forward in welcoming you to the existing and practical learning environment with Ceylon Campus.

Dilshan Abeysekara- Director of Programs


To enhance the knowledge and competencies with every college student who tend to start their careers

Mission Statement

Looking forward to provide quality education and training with extensive knowledge, along with real world learning and best practices from the co-corporate society

Purpose and brand Vision

“We, Ceylon Campus attain for sustaining an excellent level of performance in college students and crafting competencies for young learners to move out from their competitive environment and reach into the best level in their career development”

Values and Culture

Ceylon Campus is enriched with Values to

  • Respect, obey and honor the laws of the land
  • Deliver superior value to our students and stakeholders
  • Give Awards those who deserve awards
  • Support and quite the weak

In Ceylon Campus, we practice our moral values that hold us together in a respective culture of,

In Ceylon Campus, we practice our moral values that hold us together in a respective culture of,

  • Result oriented
  • Efficiency
  • Competencies
  • Performance

in achieving success and in providing best learning experience for our students

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