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Student Support

Student Support

Student Application Download

Student Pass

The students are required to complete the Student Enrolment form and get their Student Identification Number at the first.

Admission Process

Successful candidates who enrolled with the institution and intend to start their selected program need to pay the registration fee at the event of enrolment and need to complete student profile by submitting following documents when they register for the selective courses or first two weeks of the classes.

  • Passport Size Color photo
  • Copy of NIC
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy Advanced Level Certificate
  • Copy of Ordinary Level Certificate

Free Support Service

Ceylon Campus provides a comprehensive suite of free student services as listed bellow

  • Orientation Program
  • Online Teacher access
  • Providing free student counselling
  • Arrangement for school guidance services
  • Providing advice for students on their further education in their home country or higher education in abroad
  • Assistance to students for work life balance

College Tuition

Ceylon Campus provides separate college study classes for students from primary and secondary schooling for local and Foreign syllabus under its fully owned subsidiary company of Human Development Institution named as HDI College.

Primary Classes

Study classes for student from 01 -06 for all subjects in Sinhala and English Medium

Secondary Classes

Study classes for student from grade 07 to 13 for all compulsory and auxiliary subjects in Sinhala and English Medium

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